Danielle Damianov is a Best Selling Author, Real Estate and Mortgage Mentor, Speaker, Real Estate Trainer and Course Creator. Danielle believes in living a life by design and shows you proven steps on how to build, grow and scale your business while living a life by design and not by default. Danielle’s proven steps and method allows her to travel the world while running multiple businesses. Danielle’s classes are designed to help you determine your why and build your business around your lifestyle so that you can live your life by design and not by default! Take a tour of the site. Buy the Books, Sign up for the Classes to Grow, Scale Double your Business all while living an exciting and fulfilling life. A Life by Design and not by Default.

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JJ Jones

Broker/Owner and Past President of Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association

Danielle offers vision, practical applications, and follow through tools in her classes, all delivered with warmth, confidence, and knowledge.

Angie Parker

Broker & CEO Local Real Estate

Danielle’s classes are extremely informative, very inspirational and she keeps everyone very engaged. Her vast knowledge and success provides very credible content and can really help change others businesses and take them to the next level.

Kerri Elizabeth Herrity

Kerri Herrity, CEO, UR Story Realty & Founder ARES Business Development Coaching

Danielle's classes are not to be missed! Relevant, applicable and super informative!

Annie M.

FHR Property Management

"Danielle’s Class was Beneficial and the Big Takeaway was how to use Video to be Visually Informative

Eugene P.

Sellstate Achievers Realty

“Excellent Presentation and Very Informative- Danielle Taught me the importance of using Video and a needed Presence on Facebook and Instagram”

Tina B.

Remax Sundance Realty

“Danielle’s Class was Inspiring and Motivational- I learned the importance of setting a prospecting schedule daily”

Joe M.

Premier Plus Realty

“Danielle’s Class was Fantastic and my big Takeaway was to implement a FSBO Prospecting Schedule”

Dawn D.

Premier Plus Realty

“Danielle’s Class was excellent- I need to prospect Every Day for Appointments”

Barbara B.

Premier Plus Realty

Danielle’s Class was really helpful- I loved the idea of having a “tool box” in my car so I have my Listing Agreements and Contracts at any time”

Bill H.

Downing Frye Realty

“Danielle’s Class was Great and Very Helpful! I realized I have to work a lot more on Lead Generation

Linda P.

Premier Plus Realty

“Danielle’s Class was very informative- She had great ideas is very creative and I loved her energy. I realized I need to do more videos and need to find my niche”

Mimi L.

Premier Plus Realty

“Danielle’s Class was Excellent- The Big Takeaway from this class was that I need to be more Mobile and Available”

Lisa H.

Keller Williams Elite Realty

“Danielle’s Class was very informative and engaging. The biggest Takeaway is that I need to stick to a Schedule”

Scott H.

Premier Plus Realty

“Great Class and I realized I have to Automate and Delegate”

Kirk M.

Premier Plus Realty

“Wow- Danielle’s Class was Enlightening – I love the idea of producing video’s or posts on what’s happening in our area”

Amy A.

Better Homes and Garden

“Very insightful class – I loved the idea of the Mega Open House and a Weekly Newsletter”

Linda P.

Premier Plus Realty

“ Outstanding! Danielle’s class was excellent and she really has a lot of good ideas. Settling on my niche is something I am working on. Great class!”

Stevi K.

Keller Williams Elite Realty

"Very Informative! I love her ideas with Social Media”

Jane S.

Domain Realty

“Fantastic Class! Danielle’s class was so informative and fun to listen to. I realized I have to implement a plan and get more structure”

Jane J.

Premier Plus Realty

"Great Class- I realized I need to find a Virtual Assistant and Freelancer to help”

Teri P.

Premier Sotheby’s International Realty

“Excellent and Dynamic Presentation”

Toni M.

Premier Plus Realty

“Great Class! I realized I Can Do It! I learned some new ideas and a good reminder of old information. I have to work on my Listing Presentation! “

Rhonda D.

Sun Realty

“Informative Class- I realized I need to Pre-qualify my buyers and sellers on the phone and be prepared for the appointments”

Jeanine T.

Keller Williams Elite Realty

"Informative Class- I learned that communication is so important and never try to do anything an Attorney should do- use of Attorney’s is important. Great Speaker- I enjoyed the class.”

Thea N.

Keller Williams

“Danielle’s Class was excellent! The Big Takeaway is that I need to communicate with customers how they prefer to communicate. As a buyers agent I also learned the importance of a Marketing Plan and highlighting what makes you different”

Buck B.

Fidelity Florida Realty

“Motivational Class! I loved the Marketing Ideas”

Allan H.

Remax Radiance

Excellent Class! I realized I have to Set myself apart and put together a marketing plan for myself as well as my clients”

Charles E.

Downing Frye Realty

“ Informative Class- Excellent Ideas on having an FAQ in my Listing Presentation and the importance of structuring my day”

Kathleen P.

Keller Williams Elite Realty

'Excellent Class and great ideas for your Listing Presentations. Very Informative! “

Michelle S.

The Orchid Group Realty

“ Loved the class! I am new to Real Estate so it was a ton of great information. The big Takeaway is to identify what I am going to bring to the table that is different than other agents. To be prepared and go over Objections before the appointment. To have a Marketing Plan and a List of Seller FAQ’s”

Lindsay S.

Premier Plus Realty

“ Informative Class- I realized I need to separate myself from other agents and build my listing presentation”

Jeanne D.

Premier Plus Realty

“ This class was a Very Good Refresher- The Big Takeaway was having a Listing Presentation Printed and Ready to go- Creating a Marketing Plan and Timeline to Set Yourself apart”

Angie G.

Premier Plus Realty

“ Great Class and Great Info. I learned I just need to keep at it. Consistency in doing boring things leads to success. Also adding a Sellers FAQ to my Listing Presentation is very important”

Anna B.

Premier Plus Realty

“ Excellent Presentation- I realized the importance of being prepared. Very Informative”

Dena F.


“Informative Class – Big Take away was to set myself apart from other Realtors – have a Marketing plan and a solid Listing Presentation”

Mike D.

MVP Realty

“Big Takeaway is Listings Rule! Loved the Presentation”

Bob G. Realty World

Pavich Realty

“ Very Informative- Excellent Information. I realized I need to have a Top notch Marketing Plan and Listing Presentation”

Susan B.

PRR Realty

'Very Informative! The entire class was the biggest Takeaway”

Gina L.

EXP Realty

“Great class and Very Informative! I learned that I need to create a system for all of my listings and to find out what the buyers and sellers objectives are before meeting with them”

Kim S.

Premier Plus Realty

“ Informative Class- Realized I need to be more original and to prepare for my Listing Presentations”-

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My Online Classes are designed to take the Newbie Agent from 0 to Making Money in 90 Days and also the Experienced Agent to Double or Triple their business. I have helped agents get off the ground running and have also helped $30 Million Dollar a year PLUS, Producers Double and Even Triple their Business. This is not an Online Coaching Program that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars each month with no way to get out. These are Courses and Programs Tailored to your Business. They are Designed for you to find courses that excite you, courses that you want to learn, and are designed to inspire you to take action.

After spending almost a decade in a coaching program there have been countless times I wanted out. I either didn't see eye to eye with my coach, didn't see the value in coaching, was not seeing progress or at times I was on that Sales Roller Coaster and was struggling to afford the program. I don't want that for you. My goal is to help you, inspire you, teach you some out of the box thinking and to offer this at a fraction of the cost of a Traditional Coaching Program. If you are looking for Accountability and Live Q & A you can signup to be a part of my Online Community where I have Weekly Live Q & A on the courses and answer questions.

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